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Confidence is a major character requirement when it comes to everything – self-esteem, career, social life and of course, your chances of impressing and attracting the opposite sex. More often than not, confidence is all you need to have it all – you instantly become smarter, prettier, powerful and of course, sexier. That’s why the world is dominated by confident people – they brilliantly stride over the planet like they own it – and it’s cool. It works for them. So if you think you fall under the category of the “shy type” then maybe it’s time to abandon your shell and finally face the world. Below are a few techniques on how to be confident around people – know how to impress him big time and finally learn how to live your life to the fullest.

-Feel good about yourself.

All the time. This is like the most basic rule of confidence. Love yourself. You can never actually get in there and be the best you can be if you don’t even value yourself that much. Prioritize your needs and wants and you will learn to be a little less pressured and paranoid about yourself.

-Always go out with some friends.

Simply put, go out and enjoy yourself. Sip you favorite drink, dance and move with the groove in a club, take time to enjoy little things about life – this can help you gain experience and at the same time, enjoy yourself as well.

-Be casual and laid back.

No pressure. Keep a cool head at all times. This will absolutely help you become more worldly and relaxed. And we all know that being relaxed, comfortable and happy is contagious – people will be more drawn to you. And they’d absolutely love your company as well.

-Be smart and witty.

It pays to know a lot of things (without being a know-it-all of course). Don’t be scared to express yourself. Oftentimes, the thing that messes up most things is when we pretend to be someone we’re not. Creating an image is not the way things should be – celebrate your uniqueness and everything else will follow.

-Love the attention.

Now that you’re in there, don’t back-off. Meaning, you should quit trying to smooth your hair too much or adjust your blouse and anything distracting – it simply spells “insecurity”. Maintain confidence by making eye contact – it’ll keep you still.

Now that you know the importance of confidence especially when it comes to being noticed by members of the opposite sex, you now have the motivation to start building it – and there’s no more perfect time but today. Get to be confident around men soon!
You have to stop caring whether or not people like you. Yes, eve that guy whom you are so crazy about. The fear of disapproval is a confidence crusher. If you are constantly looking to for approval from other people, the fear of disapproval will not be far behind. Keep this in mind: those whom you give the power to validate you you also give the power to invalidate you.

Instead of putting every one of your words and actions under a microscope in an attempt to build your approval rating with others, work on building your rating with yourself. You are the most influential person in your life. You are the person who hears every single word and witnesses every single action. Start giving a stronger weight to what you think of yourself and less to what other people think and your confidence will go through the roof. When a real man comes along and you have learned how to be confident in spite of what he may think, he’ll probably find you irresistible.

We all have self doubts sometimes.
If your confidence is threatened, there are things you can always do to restore. Some of them are as follows:

-Be focused. When at work, it’s always good to stay focused. Do what is required at the right time and with the correct practices.

-Ask questions. It is recommended to ask questions when you are not sure of what to do or when you’re not familiar with the procedures. Ask questions about the quality of work you need to submit and how to be the best in what you do.

-Ask for feedback. Once you perform a task, it’s polite to ask to for feedback. This will help you to know if you are on the right track with task performances at work. You will also know how people regard your work.

-Accept mistakes. We are not always perfect. We all are human and we make mistakes. Accept your mistakes and work to correct them.

-Trust your gut. Think positively and trust your gut feelings. Most of the time they are right. It is always good to believe in your self and to believe in your work too.

-Find supportive workmates. It’s good to associate yourself with positive people who well help you with challenges and build up on your self-confidence. They will also assist you whenever you need help without criticizing you.

-Boost your knowledge. At work, it’s good to read a lot and research more to add knowledge. Knowing how certain processes and task are done will help you to be confident.

-Do personal training. Once you learn that you are not familiar with some procedures at work, it is good to self-train so that you are not stuck. Try doing tasks at work alone to see how well you can manage.

-Be positive. It’s recommended that you think positively. Take your criticism positively and work on them. Negativity will only make things worse.

-Have fun. At work, make sure you enjoy what you do and have fun with it. Its not advisable to embark on work that doesn’t make you happy as you will not be able to do your best in it.

-Be thorough. Go through your work, eliminate your mistakes and research well. When presenting you will be confident knowing you gave it your best and it’s of the best quality.

Put a smile on your face, dress smart and walk with confident. Everyone will notice it.

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There are many guys who are very introvert especially when it comes to talking to a girl or meeting them. So, if you are also shy or scared to meet and talk to girls, then you lack enough confidence. And it is very important to have confidence while talking to a girl. This is because girls get quickly impressed by a confident man. So, you need know how to be confident with girls. There are some ways and tips for you that can help you out:

-Do Not Be Scared.

First and most important thing is that do not be scared. Girls are just normal human being and they do not bite or anything. And another thing is that if you are scared then it will lower your confidence level. Girls do not like a man who is not confident enough. So, low confidence is a strict NO!

-Ask For Help.

You can ask for help from one of the best friends or family members. You can also practice in front of mirror and talk without stammering or fumbling. You do not have to be overdramatic or super good in verbal communication. But maintain your own skill with confidence. Just like you talk to your friends or family, talk with woman you are going to meet in the same way.


Your appearance does a lot of work for you. A woman can find a man with good and clean appearance way more attractive than a man with untidy one. So, maintain good hygiene as girls do not like bad odor, be it from mouth or body. Dress up in comfortable yet smart clothes which will give an extra boost to your confidence. Keep a smile when you meet or greet her. This is a simple body language that can impress a girl.

-Be A Gentleman.

It is always essential to be a gentleman as women love gentlemen. If you are meeting at a restaurant or anywhere, open the door for her. These are simple ways to gain confidence. You can also give her some compliments about her eyes or smile or dress but do not overdo it. Too much of anything is not good. Be confident and throw a genuine compliment about her.

-Always Maintain Eye Contact.

This is one of the major signs of confidence. Do not look here and there or scratch your head or face while talking. Maintain a steady eye contact with the woman and talk to her. This is a part of confidence which any girl will love to have in their dating partner or boyfriend.

-Be Yourself.

Last but quite important is being yourself. Do not try to imitate another person. This shows that you lack self-confidence and personality. A woman love men with good personality and confidence. So, try to be yourself without copying or trying to be someone which you are not.

So, these are the simple six steps by which you can confidently meet or talk to a girl. If you see any girl at a party next time or going for a date, make sure to keep these in mind. It will surely help you to win her interest!

In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself, (for example, “I am competent”, “I am worthy”), as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.[1] Smith and Mackie (2007) defined it by saying “The self-concept is what we think about the self; self-esteem, is the positive or negative evaluations of the self, as in how we feel about it.”[2]:107 Self-esteem is attractive as a social psychological construct because researchers have conceptualized it as an influential predictor of certain outcomes, such as academic achievement,[3][4] happiness,[5] satisfaction in marriage and relationships,[6] and criminal behaviour.[6] Self-esteem can apply specifically to a particular dimension (for example, “I believe I am a good writer and feel happy about that”) or a global extent (for example, “I believe I am a bad person, and feel bad about myself in general”). Psychologists usually regard self-esteem as an enduring personality characteristic (“trait” self-esteem), though normal, short-term variations (“state” self-esteem) also exist. Synonyms or near-synonyms of self-esteem include: self-worth,[7] self-regard,[8] self-respect,[9][10] and self-integrity.

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