Be more confident in your life

Confidence is a major character requirement when it comes to everything – self-esteem, career, social life and of course, your chances of impressing and attracting the opposite sex. More often than not, confidence is all you need to have it all – you instantly become smarter, prettier, powerful and of course, sexier. That’s why the world is dominated by confident people – they brilliantly stride over the planet like they own it – and it’s cool. It works for them. So if you think you fall under the category of the “shy type” then maybe it’s time to abandon your shell and finally face the world. Below are a few techniques on how to be confident around people – know how to impress him big time and finally learn how to live your life to the fullest.

-Feel good about yourself.

All the time. This is like the most basic rule of confidence. Love yourself. You can never actually get in there and be the best you can be if you don’t even value yourself that much. Prioritize your needs and wants and you will learn to be a little less pressured and paranoid about yourself.

-Always go out with some friends.

Simply put, go out and enjoy yourself. Sip you favorite drink, dance and move with the groove in a club, take time to enjoy little things about life – this can help you gain experience and at the same time, enjoy yourself as well.

-Be casual and laid back.

No pressure. Keep a cool head at all times. This will absolutely help you become more worldly and relaxed. And we all know that being relaxed, comfortable and happy is contagious – people will be more drawn to you. And they’d absolutely love your company as well.

-Be smart and witty.

It pays to know a lot of things (without being a know-it-all of course). Don’t be scared to express yourself. Oftentimes, the thing that messes up most things is when we pretend to be someone we’re not. Creating an image is not the way things should be – celebrate your uniqueness and everything else will follow.

-Love the attention.

Now that you’re in there, don’t back-off. Meaning, you should quit trying to smooth your hair too much or adjust your blouse and anything distracting – it simply spells “insecurity”. Maintain confidence by making eye contact – it’ll keep you still.

Now that you know the importance of confidence especially when it comes to being noticed by members of the opposite sex, you now have the motivation to start building it – and there’s no more perfect time but today. Get to be confident around men soon!
You have to stop caring whether or not people like you. Yes, eve that guy whom you are so crazy about. The fear of disapproval is a confidence crusher. If you are constantly looking to for approval from other people, the fear of disapproval will not be far behind. Keep this in mind: those whom you give the power to validate you you also give the power to invalidate you.

Instead of putting every one of your words and actions under a microscope in an attempt to build your approval rating with others, work on building your rating with yourself. You are the most influential person in your life. You are the person who hears every single word and witnesses every single action. Start giving a stronger weight to what you think of yourself and less to what other people think and your confidence will go through the roof. When a real man comes along and you have learned how to be confident in spite of what he may think, he’ll probably find you irresistible.

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